Accounting Under Control?

 So you have your own business ?  Yay!!  Good for you!  I wish you all possible success! Wait. . . . . 

Do you have a full time accountant? What accounting or bookkeeping system are you using? Have Quickbooks on your computer?  Do you know how to operate it?  Reports?  Statistics? Even know how to enter items as income or paid bills?    Do you have a proven method of keeping those receipts logged and filed for any future examination?

Or do you waste money taking your paper bag of receipts down to a local bookkeeper every month to get your accounting done? Maybe you are one of those naughty managers that doesn’t keep receipts or bills?  We need to talk about this!!

Friend, I want to help you solve this problem!  With years of experience behind me, I can offer some seriously good advice on bookkeeping and accounting systems. It is very important that you keep every receipt as well as a record of all expenses incurred by the business. Every penny of income must be recorded and acknowledged for tax reporting.

One of the best assets to have in your business is a thorough record keeping system. How can you know where you are going if you can’t look back and see where you have been?  Reports and statistics help to shape future plans as well as seeing the mistakes you have made and errors you need to correct. How can you get these reports and statistics? Glad you asked! Grab a download of Quickbooks for your computer. This is the best accounting/bookkeeping program that I have found.

I already feel the next question rising in your mind: “How does that program work? I don’t know a thing about it.”  While Quickbooks makes accounting easier, there is still a process, and it requires a knowledge of the software and it’s methods. Not to worry!  Quickbook University is the answer!

With videos to explain every move, this step-by-step approach teaches you how to maximize the program for better results and ultimately better profits. The tutorials teach the right methods of handling the sales information, paying bills, receiving payments from clients, and provides  customized reports to guide your business into a better future. Each aspect of accounting for your business is discussed, even how to create a payroll for employees and paying your own taxes.

Sound like the answer to your accounting problems, doesn’t it?  Let me surprise you with a couple more treats! Quickbooks University even teaches you how to use Quickbooks to manage your own personal finances.  Individual training teaches you to use the system for your own business or  your job, while the company with multiple users can benefit from the Business License level. Coaches and teachers who want to use the system as a course in a classroom need the Unlimited License. If you would like to learn more, click this link.

Check out the link and see what goodies are in store for you as you learn more about Quickbooks University. Drop a comment below and give me your input on this system.Thanks for stopping by!

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4 thoughts on “Accounting Under Control?

  1. All great questions. There is reason why accountants come at such a premium, because they can save you money in the long run. While entrepreneurs find all the angles when it comes to making money, accountants find additional angles in regard to preserving money. An even more cost-effective method, becoming your very own accountant through Quikbook University. It sounds like a wise choice to invest in this sort of education. Over time it will pay dividends for sure. I’ll keep your link for future reference, well done!

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