Can I Make Money Online?

We all get them – those emails declaring “Make money online” or “Work from home” or better yet, “Millionaire in 4 days”. Can you make money online? Is it honest and legal? Do those websites really pay you? Is this some kind of scam? Does it cost money to make money? We are going to take a look at some of these questions in this article.,

Yes, you can make money online.

First, let me say you really can make money online, working at home. As in every thing in life now, you do have to be careful who you sign up with. There are scams out there. Pull up the site and do a little research in the comments posted there. If other people had a bad experience, it is best to avoid working with this program. As for the millionaire deal, I sure haven’t seen any large sum headed my way. Some so-called testimonials were paid actors that were revealed online.

Takes money to make money, huh?

Next, let me address the money required to begin. If you allow the sales people to talk with you, they will tell you that you have to invest money to make money. In fact, they even ask how much you make and what you owe (just tell them it is none of their business, unless they want to take over your bills) Having money available to invest is nice, but I have found it is not necessary. There are free programs out there that will let you begin their training and get online without any investment. You just have to search for them. Stay tuned for more info on that in a moment.

Do you really get paid for making money online? There again, research the comments online. People tend to get a little testy when they don’t get paid and they like to post some remarkably frank comments. There is your answer! PayPal seems to be the most common method of payment, but some sites offer a check by mail. I have found the free PayPal account is more dependable and safer.

So what’s the solution?

So to sum up my thoughts on these questions, what could I suggest as a reliable, honest and dependable program? Free or cheap to start? Not a scam? Free training to bring greater success? I have the answer! Wealthy Affiliate! This group is amazing – community that cares and helps each other, excellent training, join for free, and they actually pay you for your work! I highly recommend this program!  Here is a link to check it out.

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