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Working from home can be a challenge. Without the structure and demands of the 9 to 5 job scenes, many people are not capable of doing this type of work. Earning cash may be dear to your heart, and very much a necessity, but if you choose to enter this lifestyle, you must be dedicated to actually working to make this cash. One good tip is to set aside a work time – maybe early in the day or after dinner, and dedicate this time just for doing this work.

In addition to family members learning to allow you this special time, it soon becomes a habit and you will learn to schedule around it. Now you are on the path to success!


Discipline is essential to success. That is a problem for many – not having a boss looking over your shoulder to correct your work or pushing you to excel. Whether you get another post or list or email done today is up to you. There is not one person demanding that you complete this project or get this report done, and there is where your self-discipline has to come into play. If you know you need someone to push you, this may not be the work for you. While there are many coaches and workers in this industry, not one of them is going to stay on you to make you achieve success.

Tip: It’s up to you and your self discipline.  Success is within your reach. Go for it!




We all need a little help from time to time. Working from home creates a much different environment. You no longer have another employee sitting in the adjacent cubicle that you can consult in time of need. Neither do you have to depend only on yourself. Find and join a community, In a community you will find help and you can give help to others, The best example of community I have found in the business world is at Wealthy Affiliates. Here is a link if you would like to investigate it:  Their members help each other solve problems and post some of their own situations.Tip: don’t travel this road alone. Be part of a community.



Invest with caution

It is tempting to sign up with some snappy looking websites you will find online. However, some are scams. How can you tell?? Pull them up on Google Search and see if there are negative comments. Ignore the warranty that says “money back in 30 or 60 days” Read more on this subject in my article ” But It Has A 30 Day Warranty“. There is no guarantee that the website will still be active next week or next month, so exercise caution when investing. Tip: Search for sites that will let you try them before you buy. A few sites will let you train through them, build a site, and set up shop without investing any money or just a small amount. Take your work at home journey without road blocks – invest with caution.

Please drop a comment below or ask any questions about working at home. I am glad to help you on your journey.

3 thoughts on “Tips for Success!

  1. You got that right! Be very cautious when you are signing up in any kind of programs.
    Thanks for sharing this article, I find your tips to success really very helpful. Creating your own business online takes a lot of discipline. There will be lots of distractions and problems along the way but I think if you persevere, things will all work out for good in the long run.
    All the best!

  2. Good tips. Having a time to work helps me to be able to focus better. Also my kids seem to respect my work time more if it is consistent.

    1. Yes, a consistent work time does seem to help – kids need our attention, but having a time they are at school or asleep to do our work online is helpful.

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